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The Commercial Engineering Study Program of Federico Santa María Technical University was granted a seven-year accreditation, valid from January 29, 2018 to January 29, 2025. This certification is the highest qualification that the national accrediting agencies of Chile can grant to higher education programs, positioning the Program in the highest category within the framework of the new criteria of the National Accreditation Commission (CNA).

The program’s 7-year accreditation (2018-2025) is in effect for the day program in the Valparaíso Central House and Campus, and Santiago Vitacura Campus, in face-to-face modality, and for the evening program in Vitacura Campus. This means that, of all the evening commercial engineering programs available in Chile, the USM program continues to be the best accredited, in the context of the new accreditation system which all such study programs are obliged to go through.


One of the priorities of USM Commercial Engineering is to periodically review the quality of the program through its Continuous Improvement Plan. It is an ongoing effort to maintain consistency between its Study Plan and its declared Graduate Profile, through the ongoing review of its programs, and resulting updated methodologies and content, to meet the requirements of a dynamic labor market.

In parallel, the Program maintains a high degree of coherence among the specific competencies outlined in its Study Plan and those defined by the Education Model of USM, contemplating seven Transversal Competencies. These competencies are acquired by all graduates of our University, setting them apart as professionals who have received an integral formation (See USM Institutional Education Model).

El Perfil de Egreso está compuesto por tres Dominios profesionales y diez Competencias Específicas quetitulacion portada 2 distinguen a un Ingeniero Comercial de la USM. La adquisición de dichas habilidades y conocimientos descansa en el cuidadoso diseño de los programas de cada asignatura. De este modo, cada asignatura tiene como misión aportar en distintos niveles de logro al aprendizaje, tanto de las competencias específicas definidas por el Perfil de Egreso de la Carrera, como de las Competencias Transversales determinadas en el Modelo Educativo USM. (Ver Perfil Profesional y Perfil de Egreso del Ingeniero Comercial USM).


The coherence between the Study Plan, the Program’s Graduate Profile and the Institutional Education Model is expressed in depth in the Curricular Consistency Matrix. This document shows how each subject in the Study Plan contributes to learning different specific competencies of the Program’s Graduate Profile, and of one or various transversal competencies of the Institutional Education Model. The Matrix likewise states the Learning Results with their corresponding Achievement Levels, indicators that will be used to evaluate what has been learned by each student, as the case may be, in each Subject. See ICOM 6605 Curricular Consistency Matrix.

To learn in-depth about the stages of the current Accreditation Renewal process and the analytical dimensions required by the CNA, please review Ppt Proceso Autoev ICom-Docum.