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In an increasingly competitive, ever-changing corporate world, employees must adapt to its requirements for continuous improvement. To meet industry demands, the University has created several evening programs for working students.

This study program is for those who, after earning a college degree, wish to complement their academic training and expand their professional prospects. Students will have a class schedule that’s compatible with their work schedule, with the same high academic standards that the prestigious name Federico Santa María Technical University is built on. The Commercial Engineering Program in both modalities of day and evening classes has been granted a seven- year accreditation (2018 to 2025), the maximum certification period given to a university program in Commercial Engineering in Chile.


The University’s undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs seek to form professionals of excellence in the field of organizational and entrepreneurial management, who will promote the creation of sustainable, world-class business institutions. The University‘s mission is to contribute to contemporary society through research and extension programs in administration, management, production, economics and finance, of the highest caliber.


To be a nationally and internationally-recognized academic unit of excellence in the fields of entrepreneurial science and public policy.


The Commercial Engineering Career is taught at the Federico Santa María Technical University from 1995, being initially housed within the Institution’s Department of Industries. A milestone in the development of the Career was the creation in 2000 of the MBA USM program, Master in Business Management, which currently has 41 promotions.

After the course of the years, the dynamic of growth of both – Career and MBA USM – became evident, requiring an independent existence. Thus, on December 22, 2014, the UTFSM Academic Council proposes to the Higher Council of the University the creation of a new Department, called the Department of Commercial Engineering, which will carry out its activities in both Valparaíso and Santiago and will host its own the daytime and evening Business Engineering degrees, the Master in Business Management, and all the economics and administration subjects that, as service teaching, were taught in the different departments of the UTFSM.

Based on the above and by virtue of the strategic institutional proposal, the Superior Council in the session of January 22, 2015 approved the creation of the new Department of Commercial Engineering. This was made official by the Steering Decree that creates this new department as an independent academic unit.

Given the above, the Council of the Department of Commercial Engineering is constituted for the first time in February 2015 and in March of the same year it proceeds to elect the Academic Walter Fraser Morales as its first Director. This process culminates when, by Resolution of the Steering Committee, the Rector, Professor Darcy Fuenzalida, appoints Fraser Director of the Department of Commercial Engineering for a period of two years. From that important moment, the organizational structure of the Department is established and the Development plan.

The years 2016 and 2017 were years of development and consolidation of the purposes defined for the Department and the Career, evidenced in its Development Plan and its permanent monitoring. Of the greatest relevance in this period was the study and development of a new curricular mesh that, within the context of the profile of the Commercial Engineer, took charge of incorporating into its training the new world trends in the teaching of Administration, as well as the problems on which society in the 21st century demands attention and solutions. This is how this curriculum mesh, approved and implemented in 2018, is responsible for recovering the identity and origin of the Career in the social sciences, maintaining the technological seal of the Technical University Federico Santa María.

Precisely, important milestones, currently under the direction of Professor Lionel Valenzuela Oyaneder, who assumes as Director in a first period from May 1, 2017 to 2019, and in a second period being re-elected from May 2019 to May 2021, have been the renewal of the national accreditation of the race for a period of seven years and the international accreditation of the USM MBA Program, this time, for a maximum of 5 years and also, the beginning of the Department’s activities in the Concepción headquarters.

It is noteworthy to note that the Department during its history has sought to integrate its activities with those of other Departments at the University; An example of this is the Master Water Management project, carried out in conjunction with the Department of Civil Works.


Aside from the specific values that the Commercial Engineering Department upholds of Interdisciplinarity, Sustainability, Globalization, Academic Excellence and Innovation, since its inception it has recognized, assimilated and practiced the values that are defined by Federico Santa María Technical University in its institutional seal.